11 March 2009

Computer DJing--All you wanted to know!

Well its a known fact that a computer DJ is the one who mixes or rather makes digital music on his laptop or a desktop

Often the MIDI controllers and also the required Interfaces are employed to bring about the physical controls similar to those of record decks, but its the softwares that play a major role here in Computer Djing.

Here I list some of the famous computer DJ soft wares and yeah not to mention I tried some of them! ;)

Ableton Live


Ableton Live is a professional loop-based software music sequencer for Mac OS and Windows by Ableton. The latest major release of Live, Version 7, was released in November 2007. Unlike other software sequencers, Live is designed around the notion of being as much an instrument for live performances as a tool for composing and arranging. It is also often used for precision mixing of tracks by DJs.

Official Website

Virtual DJ/Numark Cue


With effects, samples, and transitions that rival vinyl turntablisms, Virtual DJ lets anyone produce polished MP3 mixes.

At the top of the graphically-intense interface, song-structure visualizations show the beats as the music plays. Two simulated turntables play the currently- loaded tracks. Windows below the turntables show samples, effects, music search, recording, program options, and an Explorer-style interface for loading music. You’ll need to download an MP3 encoder if you don’t want to record files in WAV format.

Virtual DJ not only can create audio collages, but it now also can make montages of video clips. The stylish interface and high number of features score points, but learning how to use the program is a hit-or-miss proposition. Fortunately, the program offers a thorough user guide. Virtual DJ is well worth a look both for aspiring mixers and newbies.

Official Website

Sony ACID pro

Acid pro

Sony ACID Pro is a professional digital audio workstation (DAW) software program, originally published by Sonic Foundry, now developed and sold by Sony Creative Software.

With Acid Pro 6 (released in Q3-2006), Sony introduced a full digital audio workstation which also includes MIDI and multitrack audio recording with full support for ASIO, VST, and VSTI audio, plugins, and music synthesizer standards.

ACID Pro uses Acid Loops (meaning they contain tempo and key information for proper pitch transposition) painted out across the screen to create music tracks. Acidized loop sample CDs are available from Sony, as well as third party companies.

As with most sophisticated software packages, ACID is not a single software product but defines a family of products spanning a significant range of features. In a related-marketing effort, Sony has continued to support ACIDplanet, a content web site originally launched by Sonic Foundry which is aimed at current ACID users, prospective ACID users and the general public. It describes itself as “the Internet’s premier site for music, video and unique artists”.

Official Website

Traktor DJ Studio


Serious DJs, look no further–Traktor DJ Studio busts out a power-packed array of tools, surpassing the abilities of traditional DJ equipment. This versatile application gives you everything you need for live and in-studio mixing and remixing, complete with automatic beat synchronization, one-touch looping, a solid track-search function, interactive graphic waveform displays, and smooth cross fades at the click of a button.

Best of all, Traktor DJ Studio has an intuitive interface, closely resembling a real-world mixing board, that makes it easy to set and save multiple loops and cue points in a track. Our main complaint is that some of the cooler features only run (or run smoothly) on high-end machines, and you might not want to risk taking your nice laptop to a gig. Its price and performance mark Traktor DJ Studio for professional use.

Official Website



Coming to eJAY-the one that I love the most, all I can admit is that its the best music/game software ever produced! The bright and colorful interface that it carries and not to mention the advanced features such as loops, reverb, bass synthesizing and drum loop editors, equalizers and many more make this one of the most preferred softwares and especially by the newbies. This one is just like arranging a jigsaw puzzle, it has many builtin sound notes, all you ned to do is pick and place them accordingly so that it sounds good on ear–now isnt that simple! Try it out and iam sure u’ll just fall in love instantly. Since the original Dance eJay, there have been many releases catering to different music genres and users, including techno and hip-hop as well as a PlayStation 2 edition

Official Website

So if you are a game, go on have fun make music and sway all the way!!!!

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06 March 2009

Alexa Sparky - a best tool to judge the performance of a Website

Do you know??? there are approximately around 215,675,903 websites lingering around on the world wide web as tracked by the internet monitoring company Netcraft in Feb 2009. This number is growing rapidly since 1995 (18000 websites then).

Did you ever had a problem searching these large number of websites for an appropriate answer for your question on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Baidu etc..,?

Have you ever scratched your head looking for the best websites from this jungle on whose content you can rely upon and argue with your friends in a debate?

Did you ever had confusion over 'which site to bookmark?' for future reference

If you are a person who owns a blog or a website then you definitely want to know how your counterparts are doing on the WWW. And also what might be the daily traffic they receive?

and Did you ever wonder which are the Top 10 sites among the lot or atleast the Top one.

If not then Alexa has. The award winning web information company maintains the most reliable list of traffic rankings for all the sites that creep up every now and then into WWW. It provides you with a useful toolbar called Alexa Sparky which builts itself into the status bar of your browser providing you the following features:-



  • Related Links: I found this feature very innovative which judges the taste of the user based on the current/previous website he visited and displays the related website links.
  • Traffic Trend: This one shows a curved line indicating the recent traffic performance of the website which directly reflects the quality of the website content recently.
  • Reach Meter: A neat little indicator that shows the overall site's reach upto now.
  • Enhanced Search: This one Shows Alexa Rank Indicator next to search results on Google, Ask, Yahoo, Live and MSN. This is very useful because the rank is immediately mentioned below each search result link and you can choose the best bet accordingly without wasting your time hobbling around all the links.
  • Traffic Rank: Numbers speak volumes. Well people at alexa know about this which is why they maintain a rank for each of those 215,675,903 sites.

Well as expected the top slot toggles between Google and Yahoo followed by Youtube, MSN, Facebook, Myspace, Wikipedia, Blogger. You don't need to worry much about the Top 10 sites as they are already famous and commonly used. The range where alexa comes into picture is from rank 11 to 1 lakh.

Judge the site based on alexa ranking just as you judge a movie relying upon IMDB rating or Rotten Tomatoes percentage.


So the next time you open a browser be smart and get sparky with alexa toolbar.

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