14 April 2009

Trust Matters

Crederity was developed in the Wharton School of Business as a distinguished Wharton SBDC VIP company, and was also a Wharton Business Plan Competition semi-finalist in 2004-2005. Their business involves verification of credentials and background verification.

Crederity is a screening and risk mitigation solutions Company where the main services offered are Background verification services which include criminal checks, employment history, address verification and reference checks. Crederity increases the availability and usefulness of decision-making information through its unique processes, technology, and data sources. Crederity also offers cost-effective solutions that deliver quick and measurable ROI. The Crederity Verified Seal may be attached to your resume, email signature, online profiles, blogs, and web sites.

Who needs Crederity?
In a recent survey, 97% of hiring managers said they would prefer to interview someone whose credentials have been verified. Crederity can help you get that job you've been looking for more easily by providing your pre-employment screening upfront. Stand apart and show employers you're confident and serious Advance your career through credibility and trust. Share your verified resume with employers today and get hired faster with Crederity Verified.
When it comes to online dating, social networking and matrimonial, how do you know who to trust when anyone can claim to be anyone? Crederity can help you avoid risky interactions. It also ensures that the person you're talking to is for real. When you’re Crederity Verified, you increase the odds that others connect with you. Save time and emotional expense. Don’t spend energy and effort interacting with people who later turn out to be pretending to be someone else.
It's a proven fact. The more comfortable potential clients are with you, the more likely they will become clients. When you’re Crederity Verified, potential clients you authorize can see your authenticated testimonials, and your good work will speak for itself. This takes the guess work out of choosing a professional, and makes you stand out from the crowd.
Crederity Verified makes e-commerce safer and easier for buyers and sellers. Sellers—share select information to put buyers at ease in knowing they’re interacting with a trustworthy and reputable party. Buyers—request the merchants they interact with to get Crederity Verified and avoid dishonest sellers.
Crederity Verified is perfect for bloggers and forum moderators and participants who derive their credibility from their credentials or identity. Crederity Verified Seal helps better connect with your readers. Share your Crederity Card with new people you meet via instant messenger or online chat.
As an accredited and leading provider of background checking services, Crederity has developed a sophisticated system of database connections and processes to derive both qualitative and quantitative verification conclusions based on the information with which they are provided. For example, in many instances they have direct data links to universities and employers to enable real time education and experience verification. For reference verifications, they obtain information from references directly and may authenticate references themselves.

Through these and other means, Crederity is able to authenticate credential information. Crederity respects individual privacy, complies with FCRA regulations and industry best practices such as those established by NAPBS and ASIS, and is authorized as a Designated Agent of the US Department of Homeland Security to assess employment eligibility.

Crederity can currently verify a wide range of information including: references, employment/work experience, education, licenses and certifications, visa status, legal employment eligibility status, addresses, national security risk status (i.e. OFAC, Patriot Act check), criminal status (county, state, national), retail incidents, bankruptcies, liens, civil judgments, online reputation and feedback, and social network status.

Crederity Verified is absolutely free to sign up for. Reach here => Crederity

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05 April 2009

Socialising your web browser


With the advent of free social networking sites like Facebook, My Space, Twitter(i personally like the concept of Twitter), Linked-in, Orkut etc.., communication over the internet has taken a revolutionary leap since 2004.

All these websites started of as small services at university level taking advantage of the innovative concepts arising out of collaboration between the computer world and the society. It has become a way of life for a lot of youngsters worldwide.

Hot or Not ???


For example, the advent of Facebook came about as a spin-off of a Harvard University version of Hot or Not called Facemash. Facemash “used photos compiled from the online facebooks of nine Houses, placing two next to each other at a time and asking users to choose the “hotter” person.” To accomplish this, Zuckerberg (the Inventor) hacked into the protected areas of Harvard’s computer network and copied the house’s private dormitory ID images.

Though he had to face legal charges for his breach of privacy, the next semester he founded ‘The Facebook‘ extending the Hot or Not concept to a larger scope as you see it today. Everyone’s been talking a lot about a universal face book within Harvard and it has now grown to be the largest ‘facebook’ with more than 175 million active users worldwide.


The earliest and crudest form of communication was blogging->articles posted in chronological order and the viewer has an excellent option of commenting on it then and there itself. The other popular offspring was forums.

The Aftermath

These were followed by numerous innovative projects like:

Web - Albums (both private n public) for amateur as well as professional photographers to showcase their talent. Eg:- Picasa, deviantart, flickr, photobucket etc..,

Online Bookmarking and Stumbling like stumble-upon, delicious, Digg, Reedit, Slashdot, Furl, Magnolia etc..,

Streaming Videos popularised by Youtube, Metacafe etc..,

One click file hosting services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire, sendspace etc..,

The tantalizing peer-peer torrent technology. Eg:- mininova, thepiratebay etc.., As quoted by Alexa no website in the history of internet has grown faster than mininova.

The World’s Favorite Free Encyclopedia

http://ithinked.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/wikipedia-logo.png http://www.britannica.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/logo.gif

The most successful concept of them being Free Encyclopedia called Wikipedia which succesfully outsmarted the famous and age-old encyclopedia britannic. The main criteria behind this was britannic is not free, one has to be a premium member to avail all the features.

Wikipedia provides you with same amount of info at free of cost. It would be astonishing to know that the number of full-time employees working with this worlds largest free encyclopedia is mere 22. Unbelievable isn’t it?

How could such a small number of people write so many articles? This is where Wikipedia scores out the Britannica - Wikipedia’s 12 million articles (2.8 million in the English) have been written collaboratively by over 9 million volunteers around the world, and almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone who can access the Wikipedia website. Try out yourself.

Socialising the heart of internet

Web browser as they say is ‘the heart an soul of internet’. Taking advantage of the above incredible features Flock, inc has moved a step further by developing a web browser which is tailor made for Social Networking. The browser is powered by the famous Mozilla Firefox Technology.

Flock was founded on the vision that the web browser can and should enable the richest user experience possible across information-gathering, sharing, communication, self-expression and interaction. It has a whole new bunch of features which is gonna make you drool over it instantly. It is touted by many as their “New Favorite Web Browser”.

I am using it since dec 2008 and i bet(100%) this one’s definitely gonna spice up your social life. Go for it. Stay Connected. Rule the Web.

Tour http://www.stephengates.com/Blog/uploaded_images/flock-logo-717061.jpg now

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Major Electronic Music Websites

The websites i mentioned below are rich in content w.r.t Trance and Electronic music.They are large and resourceful databases satisfying the thirst of hardcore electronic music fans.Visit them and have a blast!!!.

These websites are presented in the alphabetical order but not based on the order of preference. All are equally good in some or other categories.

BeatsDigital is a UK-based online music store, that specializes in electronic music, dance music and remixes.

Beatport is a US-based online music store located in Denver, Colorado that specializes in electronic music, dance music and remixes. They featuring a fully flash AJAX GUI to offer the maximum interactive and rich content to the user while they surf in Beatport.And they supply the three major format as user to choice while they download - MP3, MP4 and WAV. Vary on different format, they have different price, MP3 and MP4 almost same price, and WAV a bit higher than the forth format.

Discogs is a website that consists of a huge database of music discographies (recent stats: 440,444 releases - 267,319 artists - 39,073 labels). The content can be added or changed by anyone, but has to be approved by moderators. Formerly focused only on electronic music, it has been gradually extended to other genres, such as Jazz and Rock.

Djmixes2k is a non-profit website offering direct downloads as well as BitTorrent downloads to livesets and mixes. They re-opened April 26, 2001, when the previous owner decided to quit. They changed their concept a bit and decided to only post privately recorded livesets and mixes. The sets stay online for 10 days.

iTunes Store is a digital music store run by Apple Inc. Music is purchased at (typically) $.99 USD on a per-song basis. Files are available either in a Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected AAC format, or in a 256-Kbps AAC format with no DRM, known as iTunes Plus.

I:Vibes : EDM related community, focusing on news, reviews and articles.

Juno Records is a online retail store that selling dance music related items, such as : CDs, vinyl records, music downloads, music merchandise and DJ equipments. They not just selling a fixed major kind genre music, but a wide range genre music like : Garage, Downtempo, Hip Hop/R&B, Rock and more.

MP3.com.au is Australia’s most popular Music Service Provider.Australia’s official MP3 Music Service Provider, showcasing the latest Music news, reviews, competitions, software, MP3 chats, MP3 hardware and free downloads from leading Australian Musicians.”

Trance.nu is a popular website related to electronic dance music, mostly Trance. The site offers news, articles, reviews, artist diaries, an online community, competitions and more.

Created as a labor of love by two trance fans who wanted to give back, TrancePosters is the first site to offer the community quality posters and trance related media.

Tranceaddict or “TA” is the world’s biggest Trance related online community. Founded in 2000, it now has well over 50000 members from all over the world and the most hits per day of any trance related site. Among the community there can be found professional DJs & Producers, as well as a good base of amateurs who have the possibility to promote themselves and their work.

Vinylsound.com is a electronic music comunity for Spanish speakers. News , charts of best djs of world,reviews ,live sets online and more… .

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Indian Rock Scene–Popular Sub Continent Bands

The Indian Sub Continent has always had a special place at the Music Scene and Rock n Pop are no exceptions! With the encouragement that the educational institutes provide these days, the music hungry folks found it pretty easy to exhibit their talent and thus every college today has its own music band. But some have evolved over the years and have established their place at the top and yeah carry some serious fan following.. And this post is all about some of my favorite picks.

This list includes the College n non-college Rock bands from India

Indian Ocean


Unarguably one of the famous Indian Rock Bands ‘Indian Ocean’ , a contemporary fusion music band was formed by Susmit Sen and Asheem Chakravarthy and later Amit Kilam, Rahul Ram joined the band. Some music critics describe the Indian Ocean music as “Indo-rock fusion with jazz-spiced rhythms that integrates shlokas, sufism, environmentalism, mythology and revolution”.

Desert Rose, Khandisa and Jhini are a work of IO and they have also worked for the Bollywood flick Black Friday!

Official Website



Parikrama is a Rock and Roll band from India. They have several live performances and original numbers to their name. The band was officially formed on June 17, 1991 in New Delhi.

This band composed the song “The Superhero” for the geeks of Bangalore only recently. This was in due course of the visit of Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates to the IT capital of India, Bangalore.

A Parikrama original “Rhythm and Blues” was created in course of their jam session with Usha Uthup.

Parikrama has recently released a few more originals like the Lord of the Rings-inspired “Am I Dreaming”, “Tears of the Wizard” and “In the Middle”.

Apart from “But it rained” another Parikrama original called “Vapourize” is a crowd favorite. “Vapourize” is a 7:30 minutes long song and features harmonized Guitar Solos with a Violin Solo.

The band has been performing in many events for quite some time now and some of their recnt performances are listed below..

Parikrama is touring all the Indian metros, with Saif Ali Khan.

Parikrama opened for Iron Maiden on Feb. 1st in Mumbai on the first concert of their Somewhere Back In Time World Tour. This was the fourth time they played alongside Iron Maiden.

On April 27,2008, it performed at ATMATRISHA, the cultural fest of PES Institute of Technology , Bangalore

On the August 15, 2008, it is performing at “Umang“, the college fest of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics.

In September 08, they performed at RENDEZVOUS 2008, the annual cultural festival of IIT-Delhi, New Delhi.

On October 17, 2008, they performed at the Qurum Amphitheatre, in Muscat, Oman, playing a selection of their own as well as other famous rock hits.

Official Website



Bhoomi is a music group based in Kolkata, India. They are a Bangla language band. In July 2006 they became the first Indian band to play at the United Nations.

Since the debut album, they have gone on to play folk songs they wrote which were influenced by influences from western music - like the blues. This is prominent in their song “Bhangor Mohiser Gaan” - a salute to the herdsman’s wife who waits for her husband and cattle’s return from the forests - each day endangered by the threat of wild animals which prey on them both. There were gems from the traditional Baul based minstrel songs - which imparted a spiritual message alongside - like “Emon Manob Jonom” and “Kancha Haarite”.

Touring has been one of their strong points. Soumitra, one of the band’s lead singers, has always stressed on their live performances, which has taken the band on a punishing schedule around the globe. They have played in the USA in four touring seasons - and each time doing a hectic schedule aound the country - initially in California and the Mid-West and then subsequently in various cities on the East Coast. In 2006 they capped off their live performance tour program in the United States with a performance at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, in a special performance for UN Staff. This was their 880th live performance - an incredible achievement for any live band who have resurrected Folk music from its forgotten and dust-gathered past.

Their UN performance resulted in the group penning their first song in English - For a Better Day.

In 2008 Bhoomi was the only Asian Band to perform at the International Jazz Festival at Montreal, Canada.

Official Website



Insomnia is a Rock band based in Kolkata, West Bengal. The band’s repertoire includes both English and Bangla songs. The band has an album each in English (Cry of the Spirit - self released) and Bangla (Proloyer Shomoye - Asha Audio). Insomnia is one of the most notable new Rock bands from Eastern India for its unique sound, stage presence and bilingual repertoire.

Insomnia plugged in for the first time in 1999 as the South Point High School band. After numerous line up changes the new recruits were all from different schools: Sayantan Neogi (Ninnai) - La Martiniere for boys, Kolkata; Prasenjit Chakrabutty (Pom) - Don Bosco Park Circus; and Souvik Gupta (Savvy) - Nava Nalanda High School. Therefore, unlike popular belief, Insomnia is not an SPHS band even though it started out as one.

Insomnia’s first show as a professional outfit was on 7 July, 2002 in Music World, Park Street. The band has gone through many potentially crippling line-up changes. However against all odds they stuck on and the current line up has been active since the middle of 2005.

Noteworthy performances by the band:

  • Insomnia were Eastern Zonal Winners and All – India 2nd Runners up at Castrol Garage Rock, 2003 held in Mumbai
  • Insomnia were Finalists at the All – India Rock band competition at Springfest 2003, IIT Kharagpur

Official Website



One of the most Popular Rock bands from Pakistan had first appeared in the film Zinda and have tasted a huge success, prior to making it into Bollywood they have released a few albums like Duur, Strings, Strings2 with Koi Aane Wala Hai as their latest in ‘08.

They hav received many awards and here are a few..

  • Won the “Best Artist Award” at MTV Asia Awards.
  • Won “The Musik Icon of 2006” award.

  • Won an award for “Best Band” at the first Sangeet Awards ceremony held at Royal Albert Hall.
  • Won the Indus Music Award 2005 for extensive contribution to the pop music industry.
  • Won MTV Asia’s “Most Favourite Band” award 2005.
  • Won an award for the “Best Band” at the Third Jazz Indus Music Awards.
  • Won an award for the “Best Lyrics’Zinda’” at the Third Jazz Indus Music Awards.

Official Website



Most Campus Dwellers are aware of the famous ‘B.C Sutta’ ! The overwhelming response that this song received had just threw the band to limelight which is presently working on their new album 100 Rupai.

The band was formed in Karachi, Pakistan in 2003 by Saqib Abdullah a.k.a Skip, who is the singer, songwriter & composer . In 2007 Umair Ghouri officially joined the band. And now Zeest is a duo of both Saqib Abdullah & Umair Ghouri.

Official Website

I would also suggest you have a sneak at Boditree (An XLRI music Band) as well as Euphoria ( One of the famous Pop bands from India).

The list seems endless coz. every other day a new band seems to make it up and so I have listed the ones that I listen often, choices are open you can comment.!

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