07 July 2009

Five First Person Shooter games that I love the most!

What makes First Person Shooter games so very interesting??
Well may be because of their design, the arms and ammunition that they carry, the stealth, challenge they pose and also may be because of the missions, but whatever may be the reason they have always been on Teen's Desktop! I have always been a great fan of FPSG's and I'm gonna play them for the rest of my life ;)
Here I want to list my top 5 FPSG's. The list may include some of the basic games but as I said they are from the very first day of my encounter with FPSG.

This shall be my all time favorite. When I first came across this game I just had no idea as how to play, believe me it was a crap but then again the moment I found a grip, I made up my mind instantly that I'm gonna complete the game soon.
It has got decent graphics, pretty much perfect for a games of 2001. This game had everything from the mission challenge to the interesting twists. It was more like a real time experience. Story revolves round an undercover agent David Jones who tries to infiltrate the enemy camps with utmost stealth and precision.
Well, I had no idea that its a FPSG, actually I even donot know what a First Person Shooter Game was. All I knew was I loved shooting, killing, crossing the challenging mission, plan my next move! ;)
So that makes me to rate it among my all time favourites!

Max, is that you, help me Max, Max, Max............
More than the game I liked the comic strip that was the part of the game. Seriously, that, I felt was a wonderful idea to put the story of the game and I suppose that had made the game even more entertaining. It had some good graphics, the locations, the architecture, everything was so perfect about this game that can simply draw your eyes!
Interestingly it even carries some Romance, Emotion and also yeah a nude scene of Mona Sax ;) .
Guns, Guns and more Guns! It had blood, planned missions, challenging situations and yes the "Slow Motion" the Time Frame that you can only experience in this game.
Both 1 and 2 were exceptional and the Hollywood flick as well!
If you love Mona go for this! ;)

3. Halo

Chief says it all. One of the finest works from Microsoft Game Studios: Halo had instantly made its mark.
The science fantasy that it carried was too much for people like me to cling to it. Guns, Aliens and of course the 'Warthog' were quite a fun. The colorful interface with an excellent storyline was quite attractive, also not to mention the soundtracks, they just summed up 'the experience'. A perfect blend-one has to play HALO in his lifetime!

Black Mesa Research Facility has everything for you to hang out. From reactors to steam turbines, from research staff to alien creatures.. its got some serious action. Unarguably one of the top 100 games ever made till date-it was a trend setter, a masterpiece of 1998. Game revolves round an underground research facility, where an accident creates a disaster driving the research subjects wild and they later take over the lab and the hero Gordon gets into action wiping them out.
Both Half Life 1 n 2 have been a huge hit and made huge profits. Not to mention the soundtracks. Half Life 2, I believe has the best background score!

Go Go Go... Get a Call of Duty DVD now!
This game is so lively, realistic that to relive the moments of world war 2, you've got to play this! The makers of Spider Man tasted such a huge success from this game that they have around 6 versions of the game released so far.


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