05 March 2010

Top 10 Hollywood soundtracks that I love to hear again and again!

1. Batman Begins

A fusion of Orchestra and Electronic music, this track was composed by Hans Zimmer. Music is exceptional and this one dominates them all, the chase sequence my god is just mind-blowing!

2. Navras- Matrix Revolutions

The beginning of the song itself amazes me, lyrics are from Brhadaranyaka Upanisad. The mantras are recited over an electronic beat and boy I fell in love instantly with the song, must listen! Composed by Don Davis and Juno Reactor

3. Mortal Kombat

Choose you Destiny.. tataataa.. its a pretty old track, of the nineties but an instant hit. Yes its again electronic but tell me how many of you used to hum this piece! We grew up with it, I certainly did!

4. Saw theme

The very first impression of the song shall remind you the gory scenes of the film! Saw: "Hello Zepp", "Zepp Overture" was composed by Charlie Clouse. Its again an orchestra but an apt one for the film.

5. Mission Impossible

Nineties music just seems to dominate my top 10 list and no surprises with the Mission Impossible Theme by Danny Elfman. It was played at almost all the occasions that I can possibly recollect :D

6. Terminator

The one and only film that comes to my mind when you talk about Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is Terminator, what follows is the theme! Danny Elfman again and yes it takes you even more further into the history lanes-1984!

7. Die Another Day

I dint know who Madonna was until I came across this masterpiece! The single spent 11 weeks at number one on the United States Billboard Singles Sales Charts and is her most successful title on the sales chart to date. Die Another Day was the most successful Bond theme-song since the 1980s

8. The Fast and Furious - Tokyo Drift

Fast and Furious is known for its soundtracks besides Cars! ;)
Mustang Nismo (Feat. Slash) by Brian Tyler topped my iPods 'Most Played' playlist many a times! Its full of energy and adrenaline and what more can you ask for! Rock at its Best!!!

9. District 13/Banlieue 13

I never knew that it had an equally interesting background score until I've been to the film. Though not famous the troupe Octopus did a fantastic job! I have all the soundtracks of the film now, why wouldn't I , afterall its Electronic! :P

10. Transformers and Pirates of Carribean

Sorry, I wasn't able pick one among these coz both of them are my favorites, What I've Done by Linkin park just had to be on my list and so was the POC theme, Hans Zimmer appears yet again! :)

Well I'm done for now, so what about you? Do share your top 10 list with me!


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