20 February 2008


MTV Roadies is an extremely popular reality television show aired on MTV India. It is currently in its fifth season. The show was created by Raghu Ram(Man Behind roadies in the image to right). The maximum prize for winning the show is Rs 500,000

Idea of the Show

MTV Hero Honda Roadies is a reality TV show aired on MTV. The inventor and the creator of the show is Raghu Ram (Executive Producer of MTV Roadies/judge). The main idea of the show is to test the creativity and the attitude of the person, who has got the survival instincts. Who can play his/her game in his/her own way.

Selection Procedure

Auditions are held in various major cities in India. People who show up for the audition are first separated by a group discussion. People who pass the group discussion are personally interviewed by one or more judges. This audition is deliberately acrimonious to test the participant's attitude. In the first two seasons 7 Roadies were selected. Since then, this number has been increased to 13. There is no limit as to how many times a person can audition. Currently season 5.0 is running and this time they have gone far i.e. "The game goes International". It will cover India, Thailand and then last Malaysia. The Auditions for this season has just been done by the panel of judges. 1. Raghu Ram who is the creator and the inventor of the show and 2. Nikhil Chinappa who is the VJ at MTV.


Selected Roadies are given Hero Honda Karizma bikes to travel all over India on a pre-decided route. Season Five is the first time the game goes international.It will cover three countries which are India,Thailand and Malaysia. Roadies are given tasks at every destination. They are either Money or Immunity tasks. Roadies earn a particular amount of money on completion of a Money task. However,if they lose, this amount is deducted from the maximum prize. An Immunity task could be team based or individual where Roadies have to perform certain tasks to be immune from the next vote-out. A vote-out takes place each week where all the Roadies have to vote out one of the non-immune Roadies, thus eliminating him / her. The last Roadie standing is declared winner and takes away the grand prize.


The following are the winners of the telecasted seasons-

Season 1 There was no official winner this season as the point was to finish the journey alone. Rannvijay from this season went on to be a VJ with MTV

Season 2 Ayushman Khuranna from Chandigarh

Season 3 Parul Shahi from Delhi

Season 4 Anthony Yeh from Kolkata.

MTV Roadies - Recap of Season 4

Over the last few years, Indian television has witnessed the phenomena which has already made half of Americans dumb - Reality TV. Numerous ideas were presented and quite a few made it to the little screen. There are ones that sank without a trace and then ones that really becaome popular. MTV Roadies is one of those popular ones and was recently back in its season 4, with new and young faces, bubbling with energy and vigour & rearing to go for an India tour on their KARIZMAS’.

Hrithik Roshan with Roadies:

The original 13 roadies were selected through auditions conducted in some major cities of India by a panel of 3 judges which included VJ Nikhil Chinappa(in the image to left). The show tests the mental and the physical strengths and weaknesses of the contenders by subjecting them to deliberate tasks and competitiveness and hence lure them towards trying to collect more money as their prize. Shocks, surprises, fun, friendships, fear, bitching, backbiting, anxieties, etc all become the show and forms quite an adventurous and interesting reality watch, especially for the younger audience.

This season the tasks got increasingly interesting. There was Kalarippayattu - an ancient form of martial art, and the roadies have to use sword, shield, hair, bad breath against the masters. Sometimes they are racing in Keralite snake-boats, while at other times they are trying to be archers.

Hosted by VJ Rannvijay who was a former Roadie, and with a tag line "Jo Kameena wahi Sikandar", this show has a few other attractions too. Gulshan Grover made constant appearances as “Bad Man”, making life on the show more tough for the bunch of enthusiasts. Well known Item girl, Rakhi Sawant was also there for one of the episodes, trying her best to make the Roadies shake a leg.

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