26 February 2009

Mumbai Terror - 26/11 Charge Sheet Released

Well, we do all have seen the disasterous face of terrorism during the Mumbai Terror attacks. It was just a day to be enough specific - 26/11. The date itself when heard brings tears, the tremendous number of innocent people who had lost their lives for no reason, their families i pity. It was truly a dreadful disaster and hope history does not repeat itself anytime again. And it is we who has to prevent this happening in future. How??? - If this is your question, then the answer for it is by helping the police in any sense possible. Well many of us have under-estimated our Indian Police, but let me tell you they have really done a ton of work to have this charge sheet release. Now I adore them...

On Wednesday(25/02/09) filed a 11,280-page chargesheet in the Mumbai terror attack before metropolitan magistrate MJ Mirza at the Qila Court in the city.

The chargesheet names 47 accused including the lone terrorist captured alive during the Mumbai attacks, Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab; Fahim Ansari, the terror suspect arrested from Uttar Pradesh, and Sabauddin Mohammad.

Fahim and Sabauddin are the two Indians involved in the attack while all other 45 accused are Pakistanis. The 45 Pakistanis include nine terrorists killed during the Mumbai attacks and Kasab.

"We have garnered evidence in our investigation to prove that maps were provided by Fahim and Sabauddin to help the perpetrators to launch attacks," said Joint Commissioner Rakesh Maria, the officer investigating the Mumbai terror attacks case.

"The Mumbai attackers took people held as hostage to higher vantage position to sustain the siege at the Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel and Nariman House and made no attempt to get in touch with any governmental or police to negotiate," Maria said.

"The 26/11 mission was a fidayeen (suicide attack) mission," he added.

Fahim and Sabauddin made detailed maps and carried out reconnaissance of all the important locations & passed it on to the terrorists who carried out the attacks.

During the investigations the test identification parade of the dead terrorists was also carried out with Maria revealing that it was the first time that conducted identification parade of dead bodies.

The chargesheet also established the role of marine wing of Lashkar-e-Taiba in carrying out the attacks.

"Kasab revealed during the interrogations that he was promised Rs 1.5 lakh to carry out the attacks," said Maria.

The accused wanted from Pakistan are Lashkar-e-Toiba operatives including the terror groups top commanders Zaki-ur Rehman Lakhvi, Zarar Shah and Abu Qama.

Two of the accused were reportedly army personnel and the police are investigating if they were still with the Pakistani Army or are not part of the the LeT.

All the 10 terrorists who attacked Mumbai were trained in Pakistan with Lashkar-e-Taiba accused of planning and executing the entire operation

Now, I wait to see that these bloody terrorists get death sentence for what they have caused to India...


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