13 March 2008

Doomsday--Mankind has expiration date!!!

Doomsday is an upcoming science fiction film written and directed by Neil Marshall. The film stars Rhona Mitra and Bob Hoskins. Doomsday is set to be released March 14, 2008 in the USA.


Doomsday takes place three decades after a lethal virus called the Reaper nearly wipes out Scotland and causes the rest of the world to wall off the country. When the Reaper begins to emerge in another country 25 years later, an elite team and their leader (Rhona Mitra) are sent to the contaminated landscape of Scotland to find a cure. However, what they don't count on is that some people in Scotland were able to survive the Reaper, and have set up their own society in the ruins of Scotland, and are determined to kill anybody who dares set foot inside of their home.

The Cast:

  • Rhona Mitra as Eden Sinclair, the leader of the elite team sent to find a cure. The heroine was inspired by the character Snake Plissken. Mitra worked out and trained in fighting for eleven weeks for the film. Marshall described Mitra's character as a soldier who has been rendered cold from her military indoctrination, and her journey to find the cure for the virus is one of redemption.
  • Bob Hoskins as Bill Nelson, a policeman who nominates Sinclair for the mission and monitors her progress.
  • Malcolm McDowell as Kane, a former scientist who found the cure for the virus and now lives as a feudal lord in an abandoned castle. described his character as a King Lear. to Marshall, Kane is based on Kurtz from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. The director originally sought to bring Sean Connery out of retirement to play Kane but was unsuccessful.
  • Craig Conway as Sol, the son of Kane and the leader of the Marauders, a renegade gang that was left behind in Scotland.
  • Alexander Siddig as Hatcher

Official site: doomsdayiscoming.com
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