21 March 2008

Top 10 ways 2 Impress A Woman!!

Number 1- Do not try and impress her. I was reading recently regarding this subject that women in general can see right through it when a man is trying to impress them. In actual fact it is one of the sure fire ways of her knowing that you like her and that you may be going over the top.

Number 2
- Honesty, for the love of God do not go over to woman and BS your mouth off. This is the number one killer when it comes to impressing women. Be yourself and be honest.

Number 3 - A good decent smile. That's right do not stand there like you are awaiting the death sentence. Sure she may reject you but at least have a smile on your face.

Number 4 - Good manners really impress a woman. Now you may think that the modern woman does not want the door opened for her because she is independent and so on - but this is not the case today as it wasn't yesterday. Women like good manners.

Number 5 - Do not take yourself too seriously. Have a sense of humor. Be willing to poke fun at yourself. Have a laugh and make her laugh. This helps to get all parties involved relaxed and having fun and she will be impressed by it.

Number 6 - Be sensitive towards her. Be considerate and understand her needs. You do not need to be some rude hard ass who is just trying to show off.

Number 7 - Having the smarts really helps. Intelligence is a very attractive trait. Intelligence comes with substance and ones own understanding. Generally those who are intelligent are independent yet socially and conversationally adaptable.

Number 8 - This is a given. Be thoughtful. Listen to her and do not try and override what she is saying with your opinion. Be thoughtful relative to her sensitivities.

Number 9 - Having a job helps to impress and being able to keep that job may even impress her more. However it is not just about having a job, running your own business will also be impressive. If you find you are in a dead beat job at present the very aspiration to do better will also impress her.

Number 10 - Last but not least be sincere. Once again do not jump on the BS train. Women are impressed by sincerity.


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